Order Preparation


Removing the slides from any trays or carousels will significantly reduce the shipping costs. If you ship them in the trays, please be aware that we will not replace them in the trays/carousels when the scanning is complete.

Please do not attempt to clean your slides! Instead, leave all the work related to enhancing the final image to us.  Some customers attempt to “clean” their slides before shipping them to us and the result can be a degraded final image. Let our professional techniques and equipment handle your images.

  • If you require your slides to be in a precise order, then place them in the desired sequence and number each one individually.
  • If you would like to have your slides ordered, but precision of order isn’t necessary, just group them together and indicate the desired first and last slide for each group.
  • If you do not care at all about the ordering ( some people prefer to sort things out after the slides have been digitized), just wrap them in a sturdy box and send them into us for scanning.

If you group your slides then remember that each group should have at least 30 slides in it.
To group them use elastic bands (not so tight as to bend the frame), or wrap each group in aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Make sure to fill any voids in the box with newspaper, or bubble wrap do not to use packing peanuts or similar Styrofoam products as they will leave little bits of Styrofoam all over your slides and our equipment (we will not scan items that will damage our equipment).

Explain what you want as best you can, when we receive your order we will contact you if necessary/if we need to.

Slide Preparation FAQ

You can send the slides in their carousels or trays if you like. We will remove them and scan them but will not replace them in the trays. You should know that it will increase your shipping costs substantially to go this route ( we can throw out the trays/carousels when done if you want).

If your slides are in sleeved pages, we will remove them from the pages for you but will not replace them for our standard prices. If it is important to you that they be replaced, please contact us.

For Negatives

If your negatives are not in rolls or strips they will require special handling. Please see our price list for details.

We charge a minimum of two scans for each/strip. Ziploc baggies in a sturdy (non bendable) envelope or box is the best way to ship to us.

For Photographs

For “The Super Duper Scan Box”  just place all the photographs you want scanned in the box that we provide and ship it. We will not go out of our way to disorganize your images but we will not keep them in any specific order either. If they are in sleeves, please remove them.

For our premium scanning make sure that the photographs are well protected in a non-bendable envelope or box.