Digital Picture Frame

One popular  reason for scanning  slides or photos scanned is so that you can display them in a digital

Synapse 7" digital picture frame

Synapse 7" digital picture frame

picture frame. To make this easier for you we have put together a few bundles of products that guarantee success with no special knowledge on your part.

Frame Package

This package includes a 7 inch digital picture frame (seen at left) and a 2gb SD card (which can easily hold 1,200 images)  loaded with your images for the low price of $94.99 Canadian

( + applicable taxes and shipping). If you order it at the same time as the scanning you will economize on the shipping as well.

This is a great value; just unpack the frame, plug in the SD card preloaded with your images and away it will go displaying them for you.

Preloaded SD Card

If you would prefer to shop around for a different picture frame you will still need an SD Card loaded with your images (virtually all digital frames accept these SD cards), we can pre-load and ship a card to you with your scans for $22.99 Canadian.