Benefits of digitizing

Protection and preservation

Once digitized the aging process of an image is effectively halted. The image will no longer deteriorate with time, if only we could digitize our bodies! As new technologies emerge you will be able to convert or store the digitized images easily with no need to re-scan the original media.

Because of the small amount of space taken up by the images once digitized it makes it a simple job to put a copy in a safe deposit box. Whenever you see the aftermath of a fire or tornado the thing the victims are usually most upset about is the loss of these irreplaceable images.  If you digitize with us or someone else please put a copy in a safe deposit box or at least a different location.


Once digitized you can enjoy viewing your old images in the convenience of you living room by popping a disc into your DVD player. Remember the good old days when you had to set up a screen, haul out the projector and probably a bulb; sitting there while the fan makes huge noise and the slides jam?

Once digitized you can watch them with ease, and make copies of your images for friends and family with ease.

Scanned family images make a perfect gift, one that will always be treasured!

Organize your images

Once your slides have been organized and sent to us for scanning the scanned images  will never be out of order again. They stay organized forever, of course you are free to shuffle your slides if you want!