Alzheimer’s Life Story DVD

Alzheimer comfort

Alzheimer comfort

There is some evidence to suggest that people suffering from Alzheimer’s find comfort in viewing a DVD of their life story and significant events. (Click here for a research paper we came across on this subject).

This service is in its infancy and we are eager to see if indeed it proves helpful for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. We will give advantageous pricing in return for information on how the DVD is received and used.

This type of DVD production should not only include images from a persons childhood and significant life events but should also be narrated or have voice clips inserted by someone significant to the patient that relate to the images and the menu structure being shown.

Because of the custom nature of such work you should contact us for pricing and we will work with you to develop a DVD that your loved one will watch perhaps hundreds or thousands of times in the coming years.