About choosing resolution

When scanning images, negatives or slides the resolution is measured in DPI or dots per inch for a 35mm slide or negative which has the approximate dimensions of 1.42 inches wide x 0.95 inches high depending on the mount and the manufacturer this translates into the following sizes in DPI.

If you are thinking of only watching them on a High Definition TV screen then you should know that the resolution of the scan at 2000 dpi exceeds the HD format ( 1080p has a resolution of 1,920 x 1080 dpi).

For 35mm slides:

DPI height in dpi width in dpi Print size possible (Rounded to the nearest inch) @ 300 DPI
2000 2,840 1,900 9 inches x 6 inches
3000 4,260 2,850 14 inches x 10 inches
4000 5,680 3,800 19 inches x 13 inches

If you have slides with a smaller surface area to be scanned then you would need to scan them at
a higher DPI to achieve the same print sizes, larger format negatives or slides can be scanned a lower resolutions and achieve the same print sizes

Scanning Photographs

Photographs can be scanned at a maximum of 600 dpi. The reson for this is that the paper itself holds less detail than the actual negative or slide. The normal printing resolution for a photograph is 300 dpi so you really can’t get more out than is put into the paper. We suggest 600 dpi scans scans of your photo’s on either flatbed scanner or automated scanner, the flatbed scanner renders a superior quality scan, at a higher cost; the automated scanning gives you a great price and for most people an acceptable quality of scan. Click Here to see a comparison between flatbed scanning and economy scanning.

Scanning your old photos will restore their original colours and you will be amazed at the difference if they are older.

If you would like to compare quality prior to placing your order, contact us and we will be happy to arrange sample comparisons of some of your photos prior to scanning your full order. You can also take advantage of our free sampe offer. Click here.